Library Lunch Policy

All students must follow the process below in order to spend their lunch period in the Senior HS or Memorial HS LMC!


Visit your LMC to get a new pass from staff members *every day* . . .

  1. From 7:15 – 7:38 AM
  2. Any time before the end of 2nd Block (10:42 AM) *Ask your teacher!*


Fill out your full name, date, and lunch on sign-up sheet. You will get a paper pass from Ms. Finney or Ms. Penka/Mrs. Schwegel.


If you go to the Cafeteria first, you *MUST* sign out with Security before going to the LMC.

If you do not buy your lunch, you may go *DIRECTLY* to the LMC after 2nd Block.


You *MUST* turn in your Lunch Pass to LMC staff when arriving. Students visiting during Lunch must stay in the room until the end of the lunch period.


  1. First failure to report to Cafeteria/LMC during lunch after being issued a pass will result in a VERBAL WARNING.
  2. Second failure to report will result in a TWO WEEK BAN on LMC lunch passes.
  3. Third failure to report will result in a SEMESTER BAN on LMC lunch passes.