MHS Libraries Digital Menu

Welcome back to a weird new school year, Bolts. We want you to know that the MHS Libraries are here to support you, whether you are Orange, Blue, or Virtual. Even if you can’t swing by the Media Center like you used to do, there are still ways we can connect.

One of those ways is sharing all the resources we have for you online. You may not have access to our bookshelves right now (we care about your health and safety) but what you do have access to are e-books and databases that are chock full of information and stories.

Right now we have a Digital Menu so you can see what we have to offer. There are links you can click to go directly to the resource. Just make sure you know the username and password (you can find them [HERE] — make sure you are signed in to your Millville Google account!).

We will be posting blog updates here with changes to how we are going to run things at the start of hybrid learning. We hope you all understand that all of the changes are necessary and meant to keep everyone safe. We miss you, and make sure to also follow us on Instagram, where we will also be sharing fun stuff and hope to connect with you. 🙂

Ms. Finney

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